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SeaChelle's, LLC.


Eyelash Extensions

Stop dreaming about mile-long lashes and open your eyes. Voilà. Who knew faux lashes could look and feel so luxuriously real? Here’s to lush, lavish lashes that will make your pretty peepers pop.


They’re your lashes, only longer. These natural-looking faux-mink eyelash extensions are applied individually to your natural lashes. They’ll lengthen and create volume for your lashes, making them totally bat-worthy! Choose the style that fits your mood best.


Full Set of Eyelash Extensions

The Flirt

(full set of eyelash extensions, natural look) 2 hours. $150


Dramatic look

$50. Must be requested at time of booking


Just like your hair, lashes are constantly falling out and regrowing. Fills are recommended every 2-4 weeks, or whenever enough of your natural lashes have fallen out and gaps become noticeable.

2 weeks,

45 minutes: From $55

3 weeks,

60 minutes: From $65

4 weeks,

75 minutes: From $90

Greater than 4 weeks is considered a new application. $150


Lash extensions require proper care in order to last. Our refill services assume normal wear and tear. If your lashes have fallen off prematurely, our normal touch ups will not be enough to restore your look. Contact us for a custom quote.

Let Go of the Lashes

Appointment time is about 30 minutes long:

From $50 (Free if applying a new set)

After the party’s over, we can help remove your eyelash extensions safely and gently.